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RandText Pro - Our Content Rotation Script

At, we strongly believe in the value and effectiveness of fresh content on your web pages. That is why we developed RandText Pro.

Written in Perl, RandText Pro is our exclusive Content Rotation Script that facilitates the automatic integration of predefined random and/or timed content into your web pages. And, because Perl is a server side scripting language, the resulting displayed output is "search engine friendly".

Learn more about the value of RandText Pro and find out how you can take advantage of its powerful features to dynamically manage your site's content.

Website Usability

Our Vision

We strive to make website usability and synonymous. Everything we do, from our site design to our Perl scripts, to our usability related services, is done with you, the user, in mind. Our ultimate goal is to make your visit to an effortless experience.

Usability Tip for Wednesday, April 16th

Make sure your navigation has a consistent look and feel across your entire site. It will minimize the amount of thinking your visitors have to do, therey improving usability.